Fairs and Events

AgroSection Srl is able to provide a concrete answer to the question of all SMEs, particularly those in the agri-food sector, who wishes to expand their business and seek new economic opportunities through the organization and management of trade fairs / events at national or international level . You will in this way have the opportunity for our customers to guarantee the assistance in the city where the fair / event, scheduled meetings are located with international buyers already before the beginning of each event, an effective logistics system for the delivery of products and catalogs and the presence of an organised structure in order to arrange tastings with local representatives. In each mission AgroSection provides SMEs Italian b2b meetings, tastings and presentations to buyers, importers, journalists, industry experts, opinion leaders, restaurateurs and professionals. The purpose of participation in the events is to create a concrete and real opportunities to open new markets through direct presentation and tasting of products or services in conjunction with the promotion of the production area.

Packages Stand

AgroSection is able to offer different types of Packages Stand based on the needs of their customers solutions that differs in form and supplied pre-configured to provide a functional stand without sacrificing the aesthetic factor.

It offers a wide variety of furnishings, an extensive set of articles, in many different colors and forms, which are useful to enhance, make friendlier and customize your exhibition space.

The excellent quality / price ratio, versatility and attention to details makes it the solution you are looking to combine functionality and elegance!




Customized stands

Multiple customization options of the stand, with tailor-made solutions to make the presence at the show a unique experience. Thanks to many years of experience in the design of exhibition stands, AgroSection is the ideal partner for those who want to promote their brand, making it recognizable on the market. We select very carefully the materials used, combining tradition and innovation: wood double paneled panels, plastic components and aluminum, plexiglass, brushed steel and tempered glass are just some of the materials used to provide customers with high quality standards, flexibility and endurance. Graphics, colors and shapes impactful to ensure, for sure, a successful outcome!

AgroSection offers a design and development of customized stands to make the most of each exhibition space, taking care of every single step in detail:

  • Design
    • AgroSection offers a full service design and construction of stands providing custom designs, easy to read and in tune with the available budget;
  • Construction and installation
    • AgroSection materializes ideas and thoughts in stands made with what  the international market offers in terms of exhibition and material. Only after carefully evaluations, tests, comparisons and a careful analysis, the most suitable products for the realization of the project are chosen. At the request of the customer, many manufactured goods are prototyped and more complex composition are pre-assembled to avoid any possible problems during assembly at the site of the event.
  • Graphics and decoration
    • we are able to offer a service that goes from the simple realization of prespaced to print large and small sizes of rigid and flexible materials, illuminated signs, screen printing and achievements in thermoforming. The customer may have a service check on quality, time and cost of all aspects of the communication of the event, allowing it to draw attention away from its core business;
  • Lighting specifically
    • graphic detail and attention to the decoration damage, along with the functionality of the spaces, that touch of class to the product on display.


Organization of Events

The ability to follow the stages of a project, such as participation in a trade show, and to coordinate the organizations that take part in its implementation, such as customers, suppliers and external agencies, make our company a valuable partner to trust to manage the various aspects that the organization of an event entails. We work on small and large surfaces to create functional solutions to present and show where originality, elegance and sobriety are demanded . Scenic images, coatings sought and special attention to detail characterize all the events we organize and coordinate.

The exhibition is the moment in which the company has to transmit the best way it is, what it does and what it is in the future. It is presented to a wide audience who must be able to communicate effectively your message. Therefore assumes a extremely important staging a well-made, with products and messages placed strategically as a way to visually demonstrate their philosophy of corporate research and development. AgroSection is able to give a concrete answer to this need with a turnkey service.