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Also for the GAL Madonie has been made the participation in the collective trade fair which took place in Munich in 2015 . During the Munich fair, 18 to 22 February 2015 , the GAL Madonie aimed on top of the German fairs in order to promote the expansion and strengthen the process of internationalization of the local tourism on the German market in light of the fact that Germany plays today, with its strong economy, the role of locomotive of the European Union.

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Even in Monaco, at the fair of tourism and free time (, the stand of the Gal Madonie has been a great success. The GAL Madonie presented, in fact, a full range of operators, destinations, accommodation and tours on the quality of life and good food. In five days, February 18 to 22, the exhibition was visited with more then 250,000 visitors, many of them attracted by the food and wine, cultural and sporting tours presented by the GAL Madonie, who, having been the only one among others, accounted for in fact the whole Sicily in a potentially strategic tourism market for the island’s economy.

The participation aimed at the German market was interesting, which, as is it also shown in this event, appreciates the global offering that Sicily offers in terms of nature, quality and lifestyle, in addition, of course, to the peculiarities of the historical-monumental and archaeological sites. It is very important to continue working in this strategic direction based on a logic of territorial system, creating new opportunities for local development and tourism. The booth was set up in a simple but very concrete way (according to what expressed by the client): compartment box for a closed door, carpet made ​​according to the criteria of presentation identified in the design phase, adjusted to give the correct lighting spotlights the various perspectives and angles of stand, store display, monitors for video projections of films made specifically for the event so as to show and present adequately the peculiarities of the Madonita territory. All activities have been developed so that the client may undertake a regional action plan structured and shared for the benefit of the tourism industry as the key element of economic development of the territory. The aim of the action must be the creation of an information system on land resources that are not supported by specific information sources. The action made ​​it possible to introduce new know-how and new technologies for the benefit of the area and the local production system, through the creation of an integrated system of driving. With this initiative, the integration between the different resources of the area (environment, culture and productive activities) will be total or a system of offer addressed to the territory, a system that can not only offer a single product and / or service but an entire area with its history and its monuments, its area and untouched places and its flavors.

Date 18 to 22 February 2015

Location Monaco

120,000 Visitors Event

Pavilion Hall B4

Stand Number 362 – Cultural Tourism

Area & Stand

The exhibition area (open on 3 sides) was well prepared:

General Appearance

  • Glove box with lockable door 2 m (2x1m)
  • Carpet color blue.
  • Panels with the name “GAL Elimos – Sizilien”

Lighting and electrical network

  • Spotlights mounted either on the wall or on the track lighting central
  • 3 kW of mains, sockets, system ground support
  • multisockets

Tables and Chairs

  • Table negotiations
  • Chairs
  • black sofas
  • black table storage

Equipment expose

  • Sliding door brochure 100×30
  • display corners (info point)

Various Accessories

  • Laptop – monitor projection images LAG territory Elimos
  • Printer samsung
  • Wall Hanger
  • bins for rubbish
  • Wifi inside the exhibition
  • Registration on the digital catalog of the exhibition
  • Free entrance tickets (exhibitor passes)
  • Assembly and disassembly of the stand
  • Daily cleaning of the stand
  • Shipping samplings

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